Show me your case to tell you who you are

The phone case – thikes kiniton we often choose to comer and protect ours smartphone can reveal a lot about our personality. Make sure you choose the right one for you and your mobile phone, to send out the right message.

In the list of characteristics from which a man is judged, the phone case he uses
to protect his cell phone should be very low or not even on this list. But the reality is a bit different because, in the new age when everyone has an iPhone, which they even leave loose on the table before they even sit in the chair, its appearance counts.

To be precise, the appearance of your mobile phone becomes part of your appearance. So what does the case you’ve been wearing say about your cell phone – and therefore about you? Let’s go and see some acceptable but very different cases.


The chameleon case

What’s safer than a black, thin and barely there (as indeed is its name)
mobile pocket? This hi-tech peels, that the reference in mobile and “disappears” thick some single millimetre but although so thin in The eye manages to absorb vibrations, prevent scratches and protect your mobile phone to the maximum. No frills, no fuss, not even seeing it.

What it says about you: Once you wore it and once you forgot it. You dislike anyone who tries to show off through their clothes and accessories – in fact, you have a wonderfully boring and quiet wardrobe. You believe that gadgets and their accessories are there to serve you, not to adorn you. Your big advantage would be to choose this case in one of the bright colours that are also available.


The multi-tool case

Here’s a good solution to the torturous dilemma of thousands of men “to put money in their pockets or carry a whole wallet?”. This case goes beyond its duties with the extra seats on the back of the mobile to fit business cards, credit cards, banknotes, the gym membership card, the supermarket points card, the bus ticket or anything else that weighs on you. , brother. If nothing bothers you, leave your detachable slim wallet at home.

What it says about you: You probably also have a Swiss Army knife, a set of poly cations and a multimeter. This case shouts that on the one hand, you are a practical, ergonomic guy who wants to find small, smart solutions to the first world problems that torment you, on the other hand, you like luxury materials, as the case is leather and elegant.


The Badass case

A case – a fist in the status of conventional cases, does exactly what it seems to do: it is passed through your fingers, it gives you a crumpled style and makes your iPhone, literally, an extension of your hand. It comes with instructions for use for the stupid or fifteen-year-olds, who says, “Dude, don’t make any potatoes and go and break anyone ‘s face, ” because if this case is used stupidly, it can cause damage – and the manufacturer doesn’t bring any. responsibility. As he is not responsible if they keep him in control of the airports.

What it says about you: You are intrigued by the following two facts: a) that there is no way you will not hear comments about this case from anyone who sees you wearing it, and b) that this case can get you in trouble. Have you always liked to draw attention to yourself or have you recently been attracted to it? Anyway, such a cool case does not go unnoticed.

The frog case

And yet, he is swimming. In just two moves (one to wear on your cell phone and one to insulate the empty spot with the accompanying waterproof sticker), this case becomes a dire diver that can come out dry from up to ten meters deep. Not that you intend to test your iPhone in such trials, but at least you won’t be disappointed again when the idiot at the table spills
his water.

What it says about you: how you like to be covered and how you prefer to protect your precious now, rather than run to repair it. Serious, forward-thinking and a little figurative because – here we are – if you get such a case, won’t you take two or three dives to show it to your loved ones?

The clubber case

The hipster case could also be described, as the boombox pictured is an emblematic item for retro lovers reminiscent of the ’80s. But the famous signature of David Guetta and his wife, Cathy, will make the hearts of dance kids beat hard like a rhythmic beat.

What it says about you: How you are attracted to anything cool and interesting graphic design, that you consider mobile cases to be fun accessories and not just necessary protectors and that this year, when Venue reopened, you intend to stand inline to honour it.


The gentleman’s case

If the cases were clothes for mobile, this would be a well-tailored bespoke suit from Savile Row. Handmade in Poland, from 100% wool, with a soft luxurious texture and no-nonsense look, it can hide the mobile phone in its elegant slit, but it does it in such a style that you won’t want to take it out even if beats persistently.

What it says about you: it is aimed at those who have a weakness for quality items, loves the pure-bred masculine style and is looking a little above average with the origin and materials of their clothes and accessories. To make her stand out from this list, you’re probably one of them.

The sophisticated case

Where “sophisticated” put modern design and a progressive echo-philosophy hidden behind. A plastic bottle dies but does not burden the environment – instead it melts to form this so sleek transparent case. Lightweight and lightweight, it brings the widely used term “minimal” to its true dimensions.

What it says about you: it talks about you with the best words, describing in which it meets how modern, pure taste you have and how many hidden ecological sensibilities. In other words, what this case is trying to say is that its owner is responsible, civilized and at the same time remains very stylish.

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How to Connect a Phone, Tablet, Mac or PC to Your TV?

From real-time TV to on-demand movies, your smart device, tablet computer or laptop has the possible to change your HDTV as your major resource of enjoyment. There’s simply one trouble: The screen is too little.

Luckily, there are a variety of options for sending video from your small screen to your big screen. If you have a relatively recent tool, you can attach it to your HDTV with a cost-effective wire as well as, sometimes, an adapter. Right here’s a guide from our technician – episkevi tileoraseon – of how to connect your phone, tablet, Mac or Pc to your TV.

It may appear sexier to link your gadget and also TV wirelessly, rather. Nevertheless, in many cases, cordless streaming isn’t the very best alternative– as an example, when your wireless network does not supply a strong signal. And also for older smart phones and computer systems, wireless streaming may not be an alternative whatsoever.

How do I connect an Android smartphone or tablet computer to my TV?

You can press video clip from a lot of Android devices to an HDTV or 4K set with Mobile High-Definition Web Link, or MHL. To check that your TELEVISION can accept the feed, initial try to find an MHL logo design over among the HDMI ports on the back of your collection.

For the most part, if you have an HDTV with MHL integrated in, all you require is a micro USB-to-HDMI cable that connects into the port on your smart phone and right into the MHL-enabled HDMI input on the TV. Lots of newer Android phones make use of the relatively easy to fix USB Type-C port, but similar cable televisions are available for those phones. Take note, however, that some Samsung Galaxy gadgets, simply to be different, need a special cord to link to an MHL TV.

The MHL Consortium releases a partial listing of MHL-supported devices on its site. If you don’t see your mobile device listed, contact the maker. The most up to date version of MHL, film enthusiasts will enjoy to keep in mind, supports 4K video, which brand-new phones from the similarity LG also support.

HDMI ports on older TVs don’t support MHL, so you’ll need an MHL-to-HDMI adapter to provide the power. You may need to plug your device’s charger right into the adapter to offer extra power (the phone’s display typically has to stay on during playback).

Select Google Nexus and also LG G-series phones and also tablet computers utilize a competing innovation called SlimPort, as do all Amazon Fire gadgets. The benefit is that SlimPort doesn’t call for extra power. To hook up a SlimPort system to a TV, simply acquire a SlimPort-to-HDMI adapter. After that, connect the SlimPort cable television to your phone as well as the HDMI end to your TV, just as you would with an MHL tool.

Special note: MHL as well as SlimPort adapters are not cross-compatible, so be sure to obtain the proper adapter for your details tool.

A more convenient alternative for those with SlimPort gizmos is the SlimPort Nano-Console: a tiny and also easy box that basically turns your SlimPort gadget into a TV-ready streaming gadget or Android video gaming console.

Just how do I connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to my TV?

Fortunately: Your TELEVISION doesn’t require to support MHL to make the video clip link to an iOS tool.

Apple sells a Lightning electronic AV adapter that completes the same thing as the Android cables. (A 30-pin version of the adapter is additionally offered if you have an older iphone gadget.) This is basically an HDMI adapter for your iOS device: On one end, there’s a Lightning plug (or 30-pin adapter for older tools), as well as on the various other end is an HDMI port. Utilize any kind of HDMI cord to go from the adapter to your TELEVISION’s HDMI port.

The Lightning adapters can deal with 1080p video clip, as well as they deal with all iPhones, iPads as well as iPod touches that have the Lightning port. The 30-pin digital AV adapter requires an apple iphone 4, iPad 2 second generation or iPod touch fourth generation or later.

Just how do I connect a PC or Mac to my TV?

Which cable you’ll make use of to link a PC or Mac to a larger screen will certainly depend on the screen outcome on your computer system. Numerous more recent PCs as well as Macs have an HDMI port, so a regular HDMI wire might work. Svelte laptops occasionally have a smaller sized HDMI port, called miniature HDMI, or an also smaller jack, referred to as mini HDMI. For Computers with a DVI video clip result, you can make use DVI-to-HDMI adapter wire. Nevertheless, this will not bring audio to your TV. You’ll need to either pay attention with your COMPUTER’s speakers (or earphones) or run a wire from the headphone jack on the PC to an audio input on the TV (if it has one).

For some Macs, a Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, will do the trick. Macs constructed after late 2009 can utilize the HDMI cord for both sound and video. For sound, older Macs will certainly require to use the computer system speakers, the earphones or a different cable from the headphone jack to the TV.

If your computer has just a blue, analogue VGA port, hooking the machine as much as your Television needs a lot of hardware, making the procedure a lot more problem than it’s worth. However if your computer is that old, it may be time to update, anyway.

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How to Rank High on Google

If you want to place high on Google but some of them are extra vital than others, there are lots of aspects to take right into account. If you want to obtain better rankings on the Google search results, what I will detail below are the important steps that you need to take.

Just how to get a higher position on Google

There are lots of factors regarding why you need to seek good Google positions, let’s see just how to obtain them.

Examine the quality of your web content

First and foremost, you require to inspect the top quality of your material.

You need to have initial and also special web content published on your website. This is a should and among one of the most vital aspects for a website’s success.

Copying and also republishing material from other websites will not work since web content originality is extremely essential for Google rankings.

When doing a material evaluation, remember the following variables:

Does it satisfy the customer intent?

Each web content you release on your web site needs to have a certain function as well as this is no other than pleasing the individual’s intent.

When a user types a question in the Google search box, it expects that the sites in the first placements will provide him an exact response or option.

Is your content an excellent prospect for this? Just how does your content compare to websites that are ranking higher in Google for the exact same search terms?

When doing your examination otherwise you will not be able to improve your material as well as positions, be straightforward.

Review my previous overview on thin content, to discover just how to find as well as repair low quality web pages.

Technical Search Engine Optimization need to be perfect

Installing the plugin and using the default settings currently boosts your SEO significantly. If you make certain to run all updates of our Search Engine Optimization plugin, all major technical SEO aspects will already be covered.

Site speed is just one of the elements that figure out whether you get a good ranking in Google. While website speed was historically not the most vital one, it’s expanding in significance more and more. A slow-moving site will certainly lead to a sluggish creeping rate; Google takes longer to fetch web pages on your site and for that reason could take longer to index brand-new material. Making your site much faster is a reasonably easy method to boost the opportunity of obtaining high positions in Google. You can use the Rate report in Google Search Console to inspect whether your web pages load rapid or slow-moving.

Website framework is clear

A clear site framework boosts your opportunities to rate in Google. Online search engine, like Google, follow links. So, exactly how you structure your web site, as well as the means you internally connect your web pages to each other, is of vital importance. Pages that have lots of web links aiming towards them will certainly appear important to Google, while web pages that do not have numerous web links will be less substantial to Google. Consider the framework of your web site as a guide to Google, and therefore really important.

Web content is still king

SEO copywriting is both a key element as well as a big challenge in every SEO method. As online search engine crawler websites, the web content of your internet site must be fine-tuned to the– ever-changing– algorithms of internet search engine. In addition to that, you must go for high quality web content, and also create clearly so that your target market both delights in and recognizes your site. And also we know that readability rankings!

Quick wins?

This article does not include a detailed manual on just how to rank high in Google. As well as I totally comprehend that people do wish such a manual. I am very sorry, but such a manual just doesn’t exist. That being said, I can provide you some useful suggestions on exactly how to improve your rankings!

Solve orphaned pages

Orphaned content has few interior links from other web pages or blog posts connecting to it. Google will consider this sort of material to be of less worth. So, if a post is essential to you, you must make that clear to both Google as well as your site visitors. Web link to that specific post from other appropriate content. Connecting to it from write-ups that produce a great deal of traffic in the search engines will aid Google and also your target market get to your post. You can determine your orphaned write-ups with Yoast SEO.

Tackle keyword cannibalization

Key phrase cannibalism can happen if you optimize 2 (or more) blog posts for focus search phrases that are not exactly, yet practically the same. For Google, it is tough to find out which of these posts is most important. Consequently, you might wind up ranking low with both write-ups. Your interior linking framework could solve a part of your keyword cannibalism issues. Think of which write-up is essential to you as well as link to it from the lesser lengthy tail short articles.

In most cases, the best means to fix keyword cannibalization problems is content maintenance, which means: incorporating articles. Find articles that concentrate on similar search questions. You should incorporate them if 2 write-ups both bring in the same audience and also primarily tell the very same story. Reword these articles into one outstanding, kickass short article. That’ll definitely enhance your positions and also resolve your keyword phrase cannibalization problem. Google loves extensive and well-written material.

Boost your website speed

Google just likes quick websites. Review much more about website speed in our short article on just how to boost your site speed.

Take care of those Google search console mistakes

The Yoast SEO plugin integrates with Google search console. Begin by addressing the errors that Google search console located on your web site if you desire to boost your Search Engine Optimization. Read our messages on Google search console to get going.

A slow-moving web site will result in a sluggish crawling rate; Google takes longer to fetch web pages on your website as well as a result might take longer to index brand-new web content. Pages that have great deals of links directing towards them will show up essential to Google, while pages that don’t have many links will be less considerable to Google. Google will consider this type of web content to be of less worth. Google loves prolonged as well as well-written web content.

If you want to boost your Search Engine Optimization, beginning by fixing the mistakes that Google search console located on your internet site.

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